Howard Banquet Hall

Banquet style
Meeting style

We are pleased to invite you to celebrate your wedding at Howard Beach Resort Kenting.
In order to create the unforgettable memory and romantic wedding, we provide creative wedding packages service.
Howard Banquet Hall is the largest multi-purpose banquet in Kenting, which is a spacious space with no pillars.
This area of 898 square meters equipped and 4.8 meters high.
Howard Banquet hall provide various types of functions, including speeches,
international meetings, organizations, weddings, symposiums, exhibitions and multiple needs.


Banquet Hall for rentals:

Banquet-style 09:00-12:00 13:00-17:00 18:30-21:30
Entire area NT$80,000 NT$80,000 NT$80,000
Howard first area NT$40,000 NT$40,000 NT$40,000
Howard second area NT$40,000 NT$40,000 NT$40,000


Size / Capacity:

  size People of Banquet-Style Room Capacities
Banquet style


L×W×H(CM) Classroom(People)
Entire area 272 892 3600×2400×480 650
Howard first area 136 446 1800×2400×480 240
Howard Second area 136 446 1800×2400×480 240



BYOB corkage fees:

  • Domestically produced wine and red and white wine/NT300 per bottle; Foreign wine/NT500 per bottle.
  • An additional 10% service charge is added to the final bill before charging "BYOB corkage fees."
  •  "Do not drink and drive!"